What does ICT look like?

What might 'individualised' therapy look like?

Individualised therapy is based on the student’s needs, and may involve the following:

  • 1:1 support during lesson time, when it is determined a student needs therapy support to participate
  • Small group activities to target specific goals areas, if students have similar therapy goals
  • 1:1 consultation with teaching staff to provide suggestions and strategies to support the student in the classroom
  • Social skills support in the playground
  • Occupational Therapy support with fine or gross motor skills during sport/PE
  • Occupational Therapy support with self-care/dressing skills before or after swimming
  • Speech Pathology or Occupational Therapy support at mealtimes
  • Support at transition times
  • Therapists running or supporting whole group activities 

Our ICT Model

Service Time allocated What does this actually mean

'Individualised' speech pathology/occupational therapy 

30 minutes per week 

(for both speech and OT)

Speech and Occupational Therapists provide 30 mins of individualised therapy to each student per week.

Teacher/therapist collaboration/planning time

15 minutes per child per term

(for both speech and OT)

If 8 children in a class opt in, then therapist and teacher have 2 hours (4 x 15 minutes) to collaborate each term.

Therapist planning time

50 minutes per student per term

(for both speech and OT)

Therapists can spend extra time during the term and in school holidays researching and planning in order to meet individual student needs.

Therapist/parent communication


50 minutes per student per term

(for both speech and OT)

Therapists have capacity each term to check in with families to see how things are going at home and provide updates on their child’s progress in in-class therapy.

Therapist attendance at parent/teacher interviews

30 minutes per student 

(for both speech and OT)

One therapist will attend each parent/teacher interview.

Therapists will contribute to school reports

60 minutes per student 

(for both speech and OT

Each therapist will contribute to both school reports during the year.

Therapists will provide NDIS

required reports

90 minutes per student 

(for both speech and OT)

Each therapist will complete NDIS required reports at student’s plan review times.