How will I get to and from NextPath Continuous Learning?

You have a number of choices in getting to and from NextPath Continuous Learning:

  • You can be picked up and dropped off by transport provided by NextPath Continuous Learning. Keep in mind that other Young Adults will also be picked up and dropped off. This may mean that your trip could take some time. There is a cost associated with this service which will be outlined in your Schedule of Supports if you opt for this option. 
  • You can get a lift or drive yourself to NextPath Continuous Learning. 
  • You can practice using public transport to get to NextPath Continuous Learning. If it is a goal for you to learn how to catch public transport, your Goal Facilitator can help you work on this goal. 
  • You can also choose to arrive at NextPath Continuous Learning one way and then return a different way.
What happens if I choose to use transport provided by NextPath Continuous Learning?

If NextPath Continuous Learning is able to find a taxi driver that will drive to and from where you live, then you will be able to access transport. Once a taxi driver has been assigned, you or your designated supporter will be contacted by the driver to arrange a time for pick up and drop off. You will also complete a transport form that will indicate whether you are able to be dropped off if nobody else is home and can independently get into your house. If not, we will negotiate a process for who should be home and what will happen on an occasion when there isn’t anyone home. 

When you are not coming to NextPath Continuous Learning because you are unwell, you or your supporter will also need to notify your driver that you do not require pick up. 

Transport will usually be paid for under your NDIS plan or could be privately funded. The fees for this service will be outlined in your individualised Schedule of Supports.